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Jade Wang


PhD Student

Graduate Research Asociate

Graduate Teaching Associate


Architecture, B.E., Tsinghua University


Research Experience:

Collaborative Research: Community-Engaged Student Learning for the Development of Empathy in Engineering (3-year long NSF Project)

Industry Experience: 

Intern, Peer Experience Exchange Rostrum (NGO for equality in education)

Leadership Experience:

EED Volunteer for Recruitment future graduate students

Student Member, Moderator, and Reviewer for ASEE

Hi! Welcome to my page! 

My name is Linjue Wang. The name has the auspicious meaning of being two precious stones coming together. I originated from China, and I have studied in U.S since July 2017.

Currently, I am a fourth-year PhD student who majored in Engineering Education from Ohio State University, Columbus OH. I am now a GRA of the Inclusive Community Based Learning Lab (iCBL Lab) led by Dr. David Delaine. My research focus is to develop empathy skills for engineering students who attend community-based learning, e.g. service-learning, outreach, and volunteerism.

As an international student, I am also exploring how to serve the international engineering students' community through my expertise. My future goal is to conduct evidence-based research and practice on how can improve the environment and curriculum structure of High Schools from rural areas of China to get more exposed to engineering concepts or literacy.

My teaching philosophy

I enjoy teaching with the kids, especially high schoolers and freshmen. My dedication to helping to empower Chinese teenagers to develop their self-awareness through engineering education started when I was Junior in Tsinghua University. As an engineering student myself, I found out that lots of my classmates do not know what they like and who they are due to the test-based K-12 education. By then, I joined the teaching assistant team in center for liberal arts education, and a non-profit organization PEER off-campus for two years. 

Through these experiences, I learnt that engineering education can be blended to K-12 education to pave the way for choosing their future role and career. I then decided to pursue my PhD degree in engineering education at Ohio State University, armed with a question: How can engineering education, as one way of perceiving the world of knowledge, best benefit Chinese teenagers? As such, I joined a nonprofit educational organization and tried to design a series of community projects in order to let students think like engineers and give out solutions to those community problems without a correct answer—nothing like tests anymore. Equipped with those experiences about the community and engineering design field, the students could see their potentials and started to anticipate themselves in the future.

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