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Current Research

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Diagram of individual sense-making of encounters with cultural difference
Exploring Undergraduate Engineering Student Encounters with Cultural Difference while participating in International Service-Learning

This research will use a multi-method qualitative approach to examine how engineering students interpret and perceive encounters with cultural difference while participating in ISL. The outcomes of the research can provide insights on individual engineering student intercultural experiences while participating in international service-learning programs.

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Overarching Empathy in Engineering Mixed Methods Design
NSF Improving Undergraduate STEM Education (IUSE): Community-Based Learning for the Development of Empathy in Engineering

This IUSE project is a three-year-long effort, currently in its second year, research that seeks to better understand how engineering undergraduates develop empathy in community-based learning experiences, such as service-learning, outreach, volunteerism, etc. This research also explores the potential for CBL to promote empathy in engineering as a learnable skill for engineering students. Funded by the NSF, this collaborative study is scholarly supported by the Engineering Education Transformation Institute at the University of Georgia.

Lent, Brown, and Hackett, 1994
Analyzing Inequities in Undergraduate Workforce Opportunities between Biomedical and Other Engineering Disciplines

The iCBL Lab and faculty from the Department of Biomedical Engineering are collaborating on a Research Initiation in Engineering Formation (RIEF) project at Ohio State University. The work seeks to identify the adverse effects that inequities in undergraduate workforce opportunities have on the professional development of biomedical engineers (BME). Informed by Social Cognitive Career Theory, the goal of this work will be to develop an instrument that aims to characterize these inequities in undergraduate engineering workforce opportunities.

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