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SPEED Logo 1.png

SPEED (Student Platform for Engineering Education Development) is a non-profit organization that works to benefit the society and environment by utilizing a diverse network of engineering students. With us, SPEED has been a large supporter of our engineering education starter events. With their help, we will continue to develop engineers of the future that act with social responsibility.


EPICS in IEEE is a funding program for engineering-related service learning projects. They focus on improving local communities with strong partnerships. With their help, The iCBL Lab has been able to conduct two ongoing service learning projects and supply helpful technology to neighboring districts. IEEE in EPICS has supported our ability to build sustainable relationships with an authentic one of their own.

Charles Madison Nabrit Memorial Garden.j

The Charles Madison Nabrit Memorial Garden supports local communities with fresh, affordable produce. Their relationship with The iCBL Lab has helped to integrate new technology into their system to improve efficiency in the garden and increase curiosity in developing students. Our committed partnership with this organization aims to increase STEAM education in neighboring minority communities.

Malcolm Jankins Logo.png

The Malcolm Jenkins Foundation focuses on making positive change in the lives of youth in undeserved communities. Their partnership with The iCBL Lab wants to encourage STEAM education to promote strong, future-oriented, career planning. Together, we are working to build a strong network of inspired youth within the central Ohio area.


The EETI in UGA’s College of Engineering has been a beneficiary to The iCBL Lab with our research regarding empathy in engineering education. Together, we are working on a post-doc research project to potentially improve engineering students’ attitudes of social justice and understanding.

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